Friday, 22 February 2013


When you think of Friday, you think of weekend! Thank god that I can have a break from this hectic week. (even just for 2 days) The most complicated thing to on my to do list for this week was preparation for English presentation. And the topic is not easy. World War 1. Not all people love history. Admit it. You must have slept once in a while in your history class. And that is one of the factors that my group and I needed to consider about when doing our presentation - engaging the audience to the information that is conveyed.

But Alhamdulilah, Praise to Allah that the presentation was done smoothly (almost). At least I can see from my classmate's faces that they listened to the presentation. I love 13.7! And this is the model of Mark 1 tank that was used in the war - the structure was made mostly by me and credits to Nurul for the paint job.

Model of the Mark 1 tank
One thing that I appreciate the most from the presentation session that Miss Nina was actually trying to give us ideas on how to engage our future students in the learning session. Thus, not only that we covered different scopes this week (geography, history, politics and.. err... I don't know which topic does shamans fall into place) but we had fun - and simultaneously improving our communication skills. :-) I do hope that wel all will be better teachers in the future - not only teaching what's in the syllabus, but also helps to create a better generation..

Nurfatin A. Nizam

PS: Don't just think about weekend when you think of Friday. Think of it as the head of all days in the week - a very noble day in deed..

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