Friday, 8 February 2013

Guess what I did today...

Ok. Truthfully told I never did this activity until today. I am quite shocked myself. Why did I decided to start on this activity? Mostly because I heard from my friends and the seniors that if u are underweight or obese, you cannot fly to Australia or NZ. (as for my case, it would be underweight of course) Thus I was reminiscing back the time when I was at National Service and wondered back - how did I gain my weight there and not at home eventhough I ate a lot (or roughly the same portion) as the time I did in National Service. And then I got the answer. The trick was exercise.

Honestly I don't quite know in detail why exercise helps me to gain weight. But seriously it does. And I do hope that I can get to that weight again. (my ideal weight) Plus when I was in National Service, I was physically fit - really. Because everyday exercise is compulsory (from 6.30 - 7.30 a.m.) I could run all the way round the lake in the camp without even stopping to catch my breath. (This is during one of the times when my company was punished by the coach) But now, I can't even pass the 5 minute mark without huffing and puffing. Thus this concludes that my stamina level went crashing down.

So what I did was I jog for some time and then I walk. Then I went back to jog again. I hope that this can help me boost my stamina - and help me gain my weight. (Even if it's not physically visible that I gained weight) Thus from now on, this lake will be the witness of me going out for a jog everyday (or almost)

Surreal isn't it? Well now that I realised my stamina level is very low, I feel guitly to Allah. Why? Because I neglect the responsibility that He had appointed to me to take care of this body that He had given. Maybe that is why I kept on catching cold almost everyday. Now that I noticed, during my time at National Service I hadn't catch a cold even once. Now this proves that I need to keep this up.

Nurfatin A. Nizam

PS: DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR STUDIES evethough you are working out. (??)

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