Saturday, 8 March 2014

A tearful celebration.

7th March 2014. Just a normal Friday except for the fact that we planned to celebrate Ms Nina's birthday (though belated). The surprise plan was simple. Ask her to come to watch a video of Barack Obama's speech which had been told prior to her that it was 'useful' for our lesson (it was actually. But I only focused on the content of the speech and not the L+S) The two minute speech was then followed by a video made by the wonderful Arifah Daud and Raihan Syamimi - very simple but deeply touching. I would say that if my heart is as deep as the deepest trench in the see, they touched the bottom, they really do.

Everybody shed tears - me as being the one who is really sensitive to these kinds of things. Really. I have never been to a party where people will shed tears. Moreover it was due to the fact that the song that was being played was 'You Raise Me Up'. All in all, it was a very memorable day. Thank you Ms Nina, for inspiring us as a teacher and a mother. Happy Belated Birthday.

Dearest Ms Lovely
Dearest Ms Lovely
with smile so fine
you're like an angel
leading me to the light
drowned in despair as I was before
you lifted me up
till I breathe once more.

Dearest Ms Lovely
with eyes all glitter
your lips still smile
though the world all bitter
your laughter chimes
through the challenges
still echoes in my days
still rings in my ears.

Be like the sun
dearest Ms Lovely
it still shines in the sy
though on Earth it rains.

Fatin Nizam