Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tarantula Tree..

Yesterday at approximately 3.00 p.m. the Dynamic Youth Club of my college had hosted a 'Tree Invention' event in conjunction with Green Campaign and Caring Month. Thus, the almighty 13.7 had gathered far and wide in Dewan Tun Hussein Onn (seriously 'far and wide'. we used up most of the center space in the hall) to construct this magnificent tree - eventhough it fell quite far from my expectations. Nonetheless it looked like a tree.. =)

Le Tarantula Tree s.p
Thus we have invented a new species of tree - Tarantula Tree. =)

Okay. It may look disastrous - which might be just it - but what I appreciate the most is the teamwork played by each of my classmates in this activity. Everyone lend a helping hand and everyone came down to make the tree. This shows that we have a strong bond of unity. TESL are Awesome! ( I am never denying that) Eventhough the tree didn't work out well, but we had fun. We shared yet another wonderful moment together in our short two years in Kolej MARA Seremban - and more wonderful moment are soon to follow. I do appreciate all the hardwork from all the members of 13.7. Only Allah can bless you guys.

Me LOVE 13.7!!

Nurfatin A. Nizam

Friday, 22 February 2013


When you think of Friday, you think of weekend! Thank god that I can have a break from this hectic week. (even just for 2 days) The most complicated thing to on my to do list for this week was preparation for English presentation. And the topic is not easy. World War 1. Not all people love history. Admit it. You must have slept once in a while in your history class. And that is one of the factors that my group and I needed to consider about when doing our presentation - engaging the audience to the information that is conveyed.

But Alhamdulilah, Praise to Allah that the presentation was done smoothly (almost). At least I can see from my classmate's faces that they listened to the presentation. I love 13.7! And this is the model of Mark 1 tank that was used in the war - the structure was made mostly by me and credits to Nurul for the paint job.

Model of the Mark 1 tank
One thing that I appreciate the most from the presentation session that Miss Nina was actually trying to give us ideas on how to engage our future students in the learning session. Thus, not only that we covered different scopes this week (geography, history, politics and.. err... I don't know which topic does shamans fall into place) but we had fun - and simultaneously improving our communication skills. :-) I do hope that wel all will be better teachers in the future - not only teaching what's in the syllabus, but also helps to create a better generation..

Nurfatin A. Nizam

PS: Don't just think about weekend when you think of Friday. Think of it as the head of all days in the week - a very noble day in deed..

Friday, 15 February 2013

Le voucher received

Finally. Praise to Allah I got my 1 Malaysia Book Voucher. So right now I am calculating in my head of what books to buy. And tomorrow is a holiday thus I might go out and buy a few books for me, my lil bro and sis.  Or I could just wait until the mid semester break to buy the books because technically the dateline for the usage of the vouchers are on 31st May. So there is still a lot of time to ponder about on what to buy with those vouchers.

It looks like today is one of those days where I am extremely happy. Why? First of all the Dining Hall served fried catfish for lunch.. (Yum.. Yum... My favourite) And then the voucher is given. So double the happiness!!!!

Nurfatin A. Nizam

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back in college

As the title stated.. I am now back in my college!!!!! (So back to reality Fatin.. there are loads of work to be done...)

But the trip to my grandmother's house was awesome! At least I can escape the reality of a student and be the sweet granddaughter. :-) My cousin was there too and I was very happy to see her.. (It has been quite a while since I saw her.. seriously.) And I got to spend time with my family after two weeks...!!! (heheh... eventhough it has just been two weeks after seeing them it seems like FOREVER!)

Well now since I am back in college, the reality of a student sinks back in. Before my family left, my mum reminded me "AS thn nih... Study!"

In Sha Allah mama. All of your reminders and advices stuck into my mind. I will always miss you my dearest family!!!! :-)

Nurfatin A. Nizam

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hometown sweet hometown!!

Yesterday my family promised to take me to my hometown in Batu Pahat, Johor! I was so psyched up since early in the morning that I packed up all my things since noon - eventhough I know that they would not arrive till evening. So while waiting.... This is what I did!

Milo + biscuits

I am the one who can be too lazy to even dip the biscuits in the milo drink so I just mix them both together in the mug until it becomes a huge mush. After I ate and perform my solat, my mum texted me stating that she will arrive on 6 o'clock. Being the enthusiastic me, I went down at 5.50 p.m. and waited. While I wait....

I played with Tomi the cat which was sleeping very lazily. Then my family came and then it began my journey to Batu Pahat! We arrived quite late - approximately 9.30 p.m. But all in all I praise Allah that our journey was safe and I got to meet my dear extended family.. \^_^/

Me is very happy today!!!!!!!

Nurfatin A. Nizam

Friday, 8 February 2013

Guess what I did today...

Ok. Truthfully told I never did this activity until today. I am quite shocked myself. Why did I decided to start on this activity? Mostly because I heard from my friends and the seniors that if u are underweight or obese, you cannot fly to Australia or NZ. (as for my case, it would be underweight of course) Thus I was reminiscing back the time when I was at National Service and wondered back - how did I gain my weight there and not at home eventhough I ate a lot (or roughly the same portion) as the time I did in National Service. And then I got the answer. The trick was exercise.

Honestly I don't quite know in detail why exercise helps me to gain weight. But seriously it does. And I do hope that I can get to that weight again. (my ideal weight) Plus when I was in National Service, I was physically fit - really. Because everyday exercise is compulsory (from 6.30 - 7.30 a.m.) I could run all the way round the lake in the camp without even stopping to catch my breath. (This is during one of the times when my company was punished by the coach) But now, I can't even pass the 5 minute mark without huffing and puffing. Thus this concludes that my stamina level went crashing down.

So what I did was I jog for some time and then I walk. Then I went back to jog again. I hope that this can help me boost my stamina - and help me gain my weight. (Even if it's not physically visible that I gained weight) Thus from now on, this lake will be the witness of me going out for a jog everyday (or almost)

Surreal isn't it? Well now that I realised my stamina level is very low, I feel guitly to Allah. Why? Because I neglect the responsibility that He had appointed to me to take care of this body that He had given. Maybe that is why I kept on catching cold almost everyday. Now that I noticed, during my time at National Service I hadn't catch a cold even once. Now this proves that I need to keep this up.

Nurfatin A. Nizam

PS: DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR STUDIES evethough you are working out. (??)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My statistics on doing Maths......

My statistics on doing Maths is... not good. My head is currently spinning round and round - tensed mostly because I can't get the answer. And me being me, when I can't get the answer for Maths, I felt like giving up. Even when I tried, I can't get the real answer. And after ten times trying and still couldn't get the answer - I willingly closed my book, put away all my stationaries and here I am! releasing my stress on my sweet sweet blog.

Why? I don't know what's wrong with my head that I cannot get the answers to some of the questions. Thus, before I could get a severe migrain, I know I must stop. -_-" (not a good habit to practice giving up)

Now, me feel like me must sleep. Goodnight!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Usrah time!

Tonight I had a session with my usrah members. It was great - updating our knowledge about Islam - and turns out there are more that I don't know. I now feel very tiny compared to the world Allah had created and seems like my knowledge is just a small fragment of life and the universe itself. I can never know what other knowledge are still hidden from me.

So during my usrah session just now, we discussed the further meaning of Surah an-Nas. I made that surah my routine - which is to be read everyday. I know the meaning, but didn't actually understand what it meant. Thus that session was very much enlightening to me.

Thus from the session just now, Surah an-Nas is the surah that we recite when we want to protect ourselves from the soft whispers of Shaitan. (well all surahs can protect ourselves from the whispers of Shaitan but this is a special one) And in it also emphasized the word 'men' (humankind). This is to show that Allah really made us special - and for that specialty are we given the responsibility to govern the world. But still must remember that everything we do, we must seek refuge to Allah.

This in return really reflect back to us that we do not own anything in this world - even our soul. Allah holds the right for all that we possess now - EVERYTHING. Thus we must always remember - Allah had been so beneficient to us, thus why must we choose the path that lead us further than Him? Remember to always say Alhamdulillah for every thing you have in your life.


Praise to Allah.. Lucky day!

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah today he give me a lot of His blessings. I really am felling lucky to be His servant in this world.

Why do I say that this is my lucky day?

Eventhough all the hardships that He had brought upon me (assignments, homeworks, typical student difficulties), but He never forget to give a little something to ease the burden a bit.

Okay so my story today. I went to Centre Point, Seremban with Nurul today - accompanying her to withdraw her money and I was in need to buy shoes rack for my room. Upon arriving at Centre Point, there are free Koko Crunch and milo!!! My lucky day. Two of my favourite snacks and drinks are being given away for free!

After like an hour at Centre Point then we walked back to college (Centre Point and my college is just a 5 minutes walk). And with Allah's blessing, He sent this lady who had willingly to send us to the front gate of the college. I was reluctant at first but upon seeing the sincerity in her eyes I can feel that she is sincere and me and Nurul just went in. So my 5 minutes walk has become a one minute drive!

May Allah bless the lady for helping us. I really am humbled by His blessings.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Not so well -_-"

Today I am not feeling so well. Sneezing all day long. Maybe this is actually a result from yesterday, where I needed to walk in the rain in order to get to the hostel and then BAMM!! I didn't actually take a bath to avoid me from getting fever but slept instead. Major headache hits me when I woke up to go to Kaleidoscope meeting. (added with a little bit of leftover sleepiness) But well, still need to go to the meeting as I was the one who signed up for Kaleidoscope.

This condition reminds me of one of my teacher's advice when I was in MJSC PC. He said that whenever you get a fever or a cold, (like me who gets a cold almost every day) stand under the hot sun until all the bacteria came out of your system via the mucus that ran down your nose. I never tried that though, whether it works or not. Plus, today its still cloudy. I can't even see the sun - just the grey clouds that covered the blue sky.

But even if it's not cloudy, I still will not do it. :)


Monday, 4 February 2013

Blog dear blog...

I have been neglecting my blog!!!! Oh my... So many incidents that happened for the past year. When I look back at my last post, it was in MAY!! This is so not cool.

Ok. A brief update on my life. Hmm.. Now I am in Kolej MARA Seremban - studying TESL. This is my second semester already after I registered here on 4th July 2012. The life here is awesome. Of course there are some bumps in the road, but mostly Praise to Allah that as long as I am here till now, my life has been sailing smooth. And this is the determining seemester - whereby I will be sitting for AS exams. The marks from this exam cost me half of the full marks to qualify me to fly to New Zealand. Oh I didn't tel you right. If I pass the exams here I will fly to New Zealand!! (If Allah Wills it.. And if my marks qualify)

So that is the brief update. There are not many things to share no though as I am not that stressed and there are no important events (yet) to be updated. I was reminded by this blog again when Adiba Abd Aziz said that she wanted to make her own blog. Then it hits me that I haven't updated my sweet sweet blog in a loooooooooong time. So Sorry. :)

Well that is all for now. In Sha Allah I will update later in my free time.

Nurfatin A. Nizam