Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Not so well -_-"

Today I am not feeling so well. Sneezing all day long. Maybe this is actually a result from yesterday, where I needed to walk in the rain in order to get to the hostel and then BAMM!! I didn't actually take a bath to avoid me from getting fever but slept instead. Major headache hits me when I woke up to go to Kaleidoscope meeting. (added with a little bit of leftover sleepiness) But well, still need to go to the meeting as I was the one who signed up for Kaleidoscope.

This condition reminds me of one of my teacher's advice when I was in MJSC PC. He said that whenever you get a fever or a cold, (like me who gets a cold almost every day) stand under the hot sun until all the bacteria came out of your system via the mucus that ran down your nose. I never tried that though, whether it works or not. Plus, today its still cloudy. I can't even see the sun - just the grey clouds that covered the blue sky.

But even if it's not cloudy, I still will not do it. :)


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