Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Praise to Allah.. Lucky day!

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah today he give me a lot of His blessings. I really am felling lucky to be His servant in this world.

Why do I say that this is my lucky day?

Eventhough all the hardships that He had brought upon me (assignments, homeworks, typical student difficulties), but He never forget to give a little something to ease the burden a bit.

Okay so my story today. I went to Centre Point, Seremban with Nurul today - accompanying her to withdraw her money and I was in need to buy shoes rack for my room. Upon arriving at Centre Point, there are free Koko Crunch and milo!!! My lucky day. Two of my favourite snacks and drinks are being given away for free!

After like an hour at Centre Point then we walked back to college (Centre Point and my college is just a 5 minutes walk). And with Allah's blessing, He sent this lady who had willingly to send us to the front gate of the college. I was reluctant at first but upon seeing the sincerity in her eyes I can feel that she is sincere and me and Nurul just went in. So my 5 minutes walk has become a one minute drive!

May Allah bless the lady for helping us. I really am humbled by His blessings.


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