Friday, 15 February 2013

Le voucher received

Finally. Praise to Allah I got my 1 Malaysia Book Voucher. So right now I am calculating in my head of what books to buy. And tomorrow is a holiday thus I might go out and buy a few books for me, my lil bro and sis.  Or I could just wait until the mid semester break to buy the books because technically the dateline for the usage of the vouchers are on 31st May. So there is still a lot of time to ponder about on what to buy with those vouchers.

It looks like today is one of those days where I am extremely happy. Why? First of all the Dining Hall served fried catfish for lunch.. (Yum.. Yum... My favourite) And then the voucher is given. So double the happiness!!!!

Nurfatin A. Nizam

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