Sunday, 24 March 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Am now at home!!!!! Second day already. Why the late update? Because I was too tired to update just as I arrived home. Over 12 hours on the bus really drained my energy out. I didn't do anything yesterday but watched the TV. It was a very unproductive day yesterday.

But first and foremost, Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah that I arrived home safely eventhough it took over 12 hours to arrive here. It was very tiring. I slept the whole way through on the bus - woken up a few times because it was too cold, or due to my aching neck.

Now I am at home, I need to make it a productive week before the session starts.

GANBATE Fatin-chan!

Fatin Nizam

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Today is such an exciting day. I got to try my hands in making sushi!!!! Sensei had promised us sushi for the past 2 weeks but he got the chance to show us today. And to think that i didn't even like sushi before. I know that my perspective has changed. Now I really am loving it! It is great that Sensei taught us not only the Nihongo (Japanese language) but also the cultures. He said that to learn the language, we must love the culture - thus it is easier for us to actually speak the language. I really appreciate his method of teaching.

My Sushi

Sensei's Sushi

See the difference between our sushi??

And since it is hard for me to cut the sushi into perfect circular shape just like the ones sold in the shops, I just eat them like that - plus it is easier to consume.

Half eaten sushi - saved for supper - and now is in my tummy... Yum Yum..
Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah that I got the chance to have this kind of experience in my life. Never did I know that I will be learning Japanese language and cultures - plus making sushi! There is one quote from Sensei that stuck in my head to this day - eventhough he said it in his first class.

"You are lucky to be learning another language that is foreign to you. When you are an expert in this language, you can easily conduct your da'wah - just like what I did during my time at Japan"

When I think back, what he said was true. Not only that we can equip ourselves with new knowledge of language for easy conversation, we can also expand the da'wah - especially in countries where they speak little English. Thus, I am thankful.

Fatin Nizam


Today is a historical day (apart from being the day where the SPM result is announced), to my surprise, Midnight (which was aptly named by me and Nurul because of the jet-black fur) - the fellow/warden's cat - gave birth this morning to a cute litter of kittens which all looked alike. I didn't have the chance to really count how many kittens were there as I was busy myself this morning. Plus the kittens were covered with blood. I don't have the guts to touch them.

But all in all the kittens looked healthy and fine. I just hope that Midnight can be a good mother cat because this is her first time giving birth. :) Not like my cat which all her kitten died because she didn't have the experience of having a litter of kittens.

Fatin Nizam

Sunday, 17 March 2013

2 in 1

Since I haven't been updating my sweet blog recently, I will put two stories in here. Well, 2 in 1..


Last night at my college an event was held - Malam Suara Al-Aqsa (Voice of Al-Aqsa Night). Invited Aqsa Syarif who had helped a lot for the upbringing of Palestine. Also invited a few members of GKLN and apparently, Fara Fauzana came. I didn't have the time to take her pictures though - being the AJK I was a very busy person last night. Tired as the event ended at 1 a.m. But happy as the event went smoothly.

 These are the pictures that I managed to take. Not much....... :(


Need to wake up early this morning as the A-level students for my batch had a trip to FRIM! (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia). The fatigue from last night's event still hadn't gone yet, thus I slept the whole way to FRIM.

Upon reaching there, I praise to Allah a lot. That place is beautiful - no words can describe the beauty of nature that's preserved there. The lush greenery really made me calm.

And then we started with the activity. First activity was trekking on a trail in the forest - led by a guide. He stopped by at a few places to explain about the unique trees there and its unique characteristics. Then we went on to the treasure hunt. Going on the same trail again - but without a guide and we need to identify back the name of the trees that was related to the questions given to us. 

But the most excruciating thing that we did was going on the trail leading to the canopy walkway. We needed to climb a hill in order to reach the canopy walkway, walking through the trail in the forest for 1 km equivalent to 30 minutes. My legs almost failed me. But I kept on going and Subhanallah - the view was amazing! It really worth the 30 minutes excruciating pain in my leg muscles to witness that view.

Thus right now, I am extremely tired from the trip. hiking the trail to the canopy walkway really drained the strength in me. But all in all, I was glad to be presented by the beauty of nature from Allah. :)

Fatin Nizam