Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Usrah time!

Tonight I had a session with my usrah members. It was great - updating our knowledge about Islam - and turns out there are more that I don't know. I now feel very tiny compared to the world Allah had created and seems like my knowledge is just a small fragment of life and the universe itself. I can never know what other knowledge are still hidden from me.

So during my usrah session just now, we discussed the further meaning of Surah an-Nas. I made that surah my routine - which is to be read everyday. I know the meaning, but didn't actually understand what it meant. Thus that session was very much enlightening to me.

Thus from the session just now, Surah an-Nas is the surah that we recite when we want to protect ourselves from the soft whispers of Shaitan. (well all surahs can protect ourselves from the whispers of Shaitan but this is a special one) And in it also emphasized the word 'men' (humankind). This is to show that Allah really made us special - and for that specialty are we given the responsibility to govern the world. But still must remember that everything we do, we must seek refuge to Allah.

This in return really reflect back to us that we do not own anything in this world - even our soul. Allah holds the right for all that we possess now - EVERYTHING. Thus we must always remember - Allah had been so beneficient to us, thus why must we choose the path that lead us further than Him? Remember to always say Alhamdulillah for every thing you have in your life.


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