Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's May Already???

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah Almighty that I am still breathing today.. It's already May, and I have a lot of things going on... Right now the most important thing is that I need to finish my driving lessons.. Seriously, I'm getting the hang of it!!! The car rides smoothly on the road... I am very happy with myself right now... No need to Brag... Praise to God that I can do it very well...

Now I need to attend the class every day.. Why? because I'm going to test with JPJ this Tuesday! OMG... Argh... Now the chills have come... I do hope that I can ace the test and get my licence on the dot!

Well, that's that about the story of me at driving class. Right now, another crucial story... at 9/5, I need to attend an interview for the IPG. Argh.. The chills again... Right now I'm busy preparing the things that I need to bring for the interview. And I also need to remember again all the interviewing tips that I have learned when I was in PC... I do hope that I still remember it..

That is all for my update today.. Right now, I am very grateful with all that I have... Syukran for all of you that reads my blog, eventhough sometimes I write nonsense...


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Thank You Allah..

When my mind was wandering around today, it suddenly hit me.. I never was very thankful to Allah The almighty.. I was careless with worldly stuff while I should feel so grateful of what I have. I have a home, very comfortable at that. I have my family who always takes care of me. And I realise that I was so blessed with all the stuff that Allah had gave me.. Thank You... Alhamdulillah..

Thus whenever I look at my mum, and the way she treats my dad and my family, I was touched by the ever constant love that she give to us. She will do anything to make us happy, and she knows just the right way to approach us.. Again, thank you Allah, for giving me such a caring mother. I could never find the right word in the dictionary to express how I am grateful of you, and how I feel blessed.. And again there is no right word in the dictionary to express how I love you mom. I really do.. Sometimes it made me wonder, am I going to be as good as my mom when I have a family someday?? Haha... Only time will tell.......

Whenever I look at my dad, he is always the cool and silent type. But I know he always supports whatever it sis I'm doing, giving excellent advices along the way. I know he loves us a lot eventhough he rarely shows it. He will always be there for me when I needed the support...

To my lil bro.. Haha.. He's like the best friend that I could ever ask for. He will always make me cheerful, and he knows that when I am sad, or not in the mood, he willtalk on and on about something else, just to cheer me up and see me smile. Eventhough he doesn't show his love, but I know that he will always be there for me..

To my dearest little sis, I could never ask for another sis better than you.. I know that you love me just how much I love you...

Again, Thank you Allah For all your blessing towards me. I know that I rarely appreciate what you give to me. But I really am blessed, living in this world. :) Alhamdulillah


Monday, 16 April 2012

Baking time!

Today I've had sooo much fun! My mom, my lil sis and I was baking Apam Cakes!!! (Kuih apam...) We baked a lot of those cute little cakes! Part of it is because tomorrow is my lil sis's birthday and she's going to share it with her whole class... So we baked more than the actual number.. She has only 35 students in her class and we baked two times that number!!! Haha... We've had so much fun in the process of making this cute cakes..

So here, I'm going to post a few pictures in the making of these apam cakes!

Before it was steamed!!!!

The steaming hot apam cakes!

Apam cakes, fresh out of the steamer!

All set and ready to go!
Well, that is all for this entri.. Now I need to get my hands on those apam cakes!


Sunday, 15 April 2012


Well, it's the moment! The moment when all the SPM leavers are busy with their application for the universities and scholarships... Well, I've had a fair share of busy time...

As foe the frustration part, well, I might not be furthering my study at my chosen university pursuing my chosen course. Well, not my luck I guess.. Just have to wait for another offer then... Eventhough there is another offer, I can't deny a little bit of frustration that I am feeling.. Well, suck it up and look forward for a better future!


Monday, 9 April 2012


Okay.. I just want to give you a quick info about my bro. He's up and around now... Got out of the hospital since Thursday but the doctor gave him another week leave from school so he can suffer in boredomness with his beloved sister, ME!!! Haha.. Now he knows how it feels like to be absolutely in utter boredomness.

Another story is that... recently, I fell in love with Big Bang! They are so cute! And their songs are so beautiful, laid back and the lyrics touched my heart.. (That is after I looked at the meaning of the song in English.. ^_^ ) I've never got tired of playing their songs everyday! This is one of their songs that I have been listening to for quite few weeks...

And relating to the title of this particular entri, I am clearly and devastatingly frustrated! Why?? the scholarship for MARA hasn't been opened yet! I've been waiting for this day and today I've opened its webpage from hour to hour just to get what?? It's postponed??? What the?? This is like so unfair! They clearly don't keep their promise. Like c'mon laa.... This is so unfair! FRUSTRATED!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Yes.. the title says it. I was stuck at the hospital for two consecutive days now.. Don't get all panicked. I'll tell you the whole story why..

It's not me who is sick.. It's my dearest lil bro. He passed out when he was at school so my dad and I went to pick him up. Then we send him to the hospital for further analysis and he was immediately admitted into the ward. Suspect: dengue fever. But thanks to god that he don't have dengue... The blood test result was negative. But he is still in the hospital as hiss fever is still high.. I do hope that he will get better soon...

Do pray for him too!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Appologies! And appreciation...

OK. Here I want to express my appologies because I didn't update this wonderful blog for a majorly long time.... Soooooo sorry... :) (Do accept my appology.. I've already did a cute smiley face...)

Well for my recent story, I want to say I'm very thankful. why? because I've already got my SPM results.. (which is the result for my O-level exam) and thank god I've excelled it! yeay!!!.... I'd never expected that I got those results like that. I mean c'mon! 9As and 1B... That is greatly satisfying...

So here are my list of thank you..

1) Thanks to God the Almighty Creator for giving me this luck... My world had never been better...
2) To my parents who never gave up giving me the moral supports that I needed eventhough I've always flunked my other exams...
3) To the wonderful teachers that never gave up giving me the knowledge that is not only beneficial for me in taking the exam but throughout my life..
4) To my dear friends that are always by my side and never get bored by my questionares...

So this is all for this entri... I'll try to update this as more frequently as I'll be at my house most of the time. or if not I'll be in my driving class, learning how to drive.. (err... Obvious much??) Thank you all for reading this entri of mine... I'll see you guys soon!