Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back in college

As the title stated.. I am now back in my college!!!!! (So back to reality Fatin.. there are loads of work to be done...)

But the trip to my grandmother's house was awesome! At least I can escape the reality of a student and be the sweet granddaughter. :-) My cousin was there too and I was very happy to see her.. (It has been quite a while since I saw her.. seriously.) And I got to spend time with my family after two weeks...!!! (heheh... eventhough it has just been two weeks after seeing them it seems like FOREVER!)

Well now since I am back in college, the reality of a student sinks back in. Before my family left, my mum reminded me "AS thn nih... Study!"

In Sha Allah mama. All of your reminders and advices stuck into my mind. I will always miss you my dearest family!!!! :-)

Nurfatin A. Nizam

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