Monday, 9 April 2012


Okay.. I just want to give you a quick info about my bro. He's up and around now... Got out of the hospital since Thursday but the doctor gave him another week leave from school so he can suffer in boredomness with his beloved sister, ME!!! Haha.. Now he knows how it feels like to be absolutely in utter boredomness.

Another story is that... recently, I fell in love with Big Bang! They are so cute! And their songs are so beautiful, laid back and the lyrics touched my heart.. (That is after I looked at the meaning of the song in English.. ^_^ ) I've never got tired of playing their songs everyday! This is one of their songs that I have been listening to for quite few weeks...

And relating to the title of this particular entri, I am clearly and devastatingly frustrated! Why?? the scholarship for MARA hasn't been opened yet! I've been waiting for this day and today I've opened its webpage from hour to hour just to get what?? It's postponed??? What the?? This is like so unfair! They clearly don't keep their promise. Like c'mon laa.... This is so unfair! FRUSTRATED!

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