Monday, 16 April 2012

Baking time!

Today I've had sooo much fun! My mom, my lil sis and I was baking Apam Cakes!!! (Kuih apam...) We baked a lot of those cute little cakes! Part of it is because tomorrow is my lil sis's birthday and she's going to share it with her whole class... So we baked more than the actual number.. She has only 35 students in her class and we baked two times that number!!! Haha... We've had so much fun in the process of making this cute cakes..

So here, I'm going to post a few pictures in the making of these apam cakes!

Before it was steamed!!!!

The steaming hot apam cakes!

Apam cakes, fresh out of the steamer!

All set and ready to go!
Well, that is all for this entri.. Now I need to get my hands on those apam cakes!


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