Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Almighty's Plan is the best

May Peace be upon all of you....

This is my first entry in like... hmm... FOREVER... So here I go..

I will start with the good news from yesterday. Just took IELTS examinations a little less than two weeks ago and the results just came out yesterday. And praise to the Almighty.. I got a band 7.5 - which makes me an eligible candidate to further my studies overseas. I really am blessed for yesterday's result. Now the only thing that becomes a barrier between me and my studies overseas is the A2 examinations - which I may safely say is not easy. Hardwork is needed. Not to mention Allah's blessings..

And today's story. I just went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport this morning - sending of some of me dear seniors that will further their studies in Australia. I felt motivated from watching all of them with all their big bags and waiting for their turn to get into the flight. Group departure is always exciting - in each and everyone's heart the determination to succeed in their studies. Hoping that I will soon follow their footsteps - landing myself in the UK. And with Allah's will, I may..

That is all the story for today. Hoping that I will update more frequently in the future. (Pray That I will do that..This blog is already dusty!)

Fatin Nizam

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