Wednesday, 26 February 2014

No man is an island...

                This is an entry that I had been planning to write a few days before but haven't had the oppurtunity to. So, no man is an island. This is an idiom that I learned in class last week - and it is quite close related to me so I decided to use it as a title. This is quite a lengthy entry, so bear with me.
                Why do I choose this idiom?
                Being in college - or anywhere for that matters - you would always want to have company, to talk to, to laugh with, to cheer you on, to be the shoulder for you to cry on, to be the one whom you pour your heart out, or just to be there with you through your hardships in life. It's not that I'm saying that you have to always depend on other people. But with the other people in your life, they help you to design your life's canvas, so that it would be more colourful. The more people you have to help you in your life, the bigger the canvas that you need, and more colours will appear on it.
                My family will always be there for me. Cheering me on. Correcting my mistakes in life. The ones that know me, as me. And will accept me for who I am. My charismatic dad, always silent but full of words of the wise men, never reluctant to give me money or buy me anything. My lovable mom, so sweet and demure, never tired to remind me of the goals that I want to and need to achieve in life, taught me how to cook and become a daughter. My little brother, who can always double as my best friend, always have some sarcastic remark that he have to say about me, but can always triple himself to behave like an older brother, looking and acting more mature than I am. My little sister, with her always bubly character and constant talking in regards to a K-Pop Idol group - which currently it is EXO - will always be the first one to say that she misses me (though not directly) when she constantly asked of the time I will be home and for how long whenever we were on the phone. This is the family that I loved and will always will be in my heart, I miss you all so much. (My eyes are a little teary when I wrote this. Dismiss the spelling and grammatical errors)
                As for friends, there are a lot, so I will speak of only a few that are close to me. During high school - before the boarding school period - I mingled with the wrong clique, I think. The not-a-gossip girl me mingled with the ones that are always up to date with the school's latest gossip - this senior is dating this junior, this couple had just broke up, these groups get into a gang fight because of this one girl, everything, in which I could just ignore. I lost track of all the nicknames they gave to the people they are talking about (rolls eyes). In MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, I did not mingle in just a group and stick to it, in fact I tried to mingle with everyone. Therefore I was blessed with a set of friends that I could depend on - studied together, have fun together, and even got into trouble together. Good times.
                Upon continuing my studies in KMS, I found another set of friends in which I can really rely to when I am in need of something - in which this set of friends are closer to me than ever. Dieba, the mature looking Pakistani-Malay-Arab mix girl is the closest to me - dearest roomate, BFF, tutor, fellow K-drama and Running Man addict, err, hmm, there is more (thinking)... With her sometimes mature but most of the times childish personality, she brightens up my days, everyday. I can really rely to her everytime - having problems or not. She's just there whenever I needed her. Just there. And next comes the twins, Farzana and Farwizah. These K-Pop addict sisters are chatterboxes! My time with them will never be a silent one - except when we are focusing on our studies. Whenever I am with them, they always have a story to tell - make that numerous stories. But they are a good friend to tell your problems to. A great companion to have.
                Then comes my quartet of teachers, who taught me (indirectly) on how great it is to be a teacher and to pursue my passion. Each and everyone of them have their own teaching styles and ways to engage themselves with the students. If I am still a young child (make that 6-7 years of age) I would repeatedly say that I want to be a teacher just like them. Though I am still keen on saying that, I would have to say that I would love to be a teacher that can inspire the students and educate them to be a better generation in the near future just like them (because you can just be yourself. different people, different styles. I can't exactly imitate the way they teach in class. Who can?) My colossal gratitute to Ms Nina, Ms Muna, Ms Ririn and Miss Hanim.
                Which brings us back to the title. In life, you can never truly isolate yourself from other people and the outside world. Even Go Dok Mi needs someone else's help to carry out her daily routines - postman, her senior who is also her boss in the editorial company, the milkman who delivers milk every morning - though she really does isolate herself from the outside world. (If you never watched the K-drama Flower Boys Next Door, you will not get what I am trying to say. At least for this paraghraph.) Therefore, you can never really do anything without other people's help.

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