Sunday, 4 August 2013

Home Sweet Home :)

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I safely arrived at my house yesterday for the Eid Holiday. Thank you Ya Allah for letting me have another chance to celebrate this Eid with my family - In Sha Allah. Without us noticing this, Ramadhan is almost over. Saddening isn't it? Reflecting back on this Ramadhan, I wondered if I have collected enough good deeds? Seems not like it. I might have not grabbed the ultra-special offer in this month. If i am given another chance, hope to see Ramadhan next year.

Compiling everything that I had done for the past few days, I went back to Johore! I know that I have told this in my previous entry but  noticed in the previous one, I didn't talk about my newest cousin, Aufa Irdina! Only two months old but she seemed to have wrapped everyone around her little fingers. She is too cute to be true! I managed to sneak some pictures of her.

The little sleeping beauty.....

A few days before this, the second year of my batch - girls only - held iftar jamie' at the futsal court. It is seriously memorable as we get to eat together. This seriously strengthens the bond between me and my classmates.

I think that this will be all for my entry today. Hope all of you have a good time with your family. :)

Fatin Nizam

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