Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Update! Update! Get your Update here! =)

So now I am going to update on what had happened to me for the past few days. Nothing much really. Just playing with my cute little cat, Oreo! He can be quite cute when he plays all around the house but still he can be a little mischevious at times. I will post a pinture up as soon as I can.

At 11th December 2011, my family and I had celebrated my mom's birthday. It was the usual family gathering. We went to the mall for lunch and we bought a cake for mom. It was delicious. I would like to post up a picture but sadly, it is not uploaded into the laptop yet. huhu~

And I am now missing my dear friends from MJSC PC, my dear roomates. Crazy stuff we did during the four day gap before accounts paper is due. Haha.But that was the time that I will miss the most.

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