Friday, 23 December 2011

Another update coming up!

As I promised, I will update as frequent as I can. Now, I am keen on keeping that promise, eventhough there is barely anything in my mind right now.

Yesterday my family and I tried our hands for the second time on making a chocolate mousse. Using a white chocolate this time, and my mom altered the recipe a little bit. even with the altering, it tastes delicious! I helped myself with two servings of chocolate mousse before I can call it quits.

Tastes Wonderful!!!

Ok. That's it with the story of making a chocolate mousse. Now, I've got to upload a charming picture of my favourite cat, Oreo!!

Fast asleep as it seems.....

Well, that is it for this version of my update. (I really need to brainstorm for a better title next time..)

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