Monday, 29 September 2014

Dusting off the cobwebs in my blog

It has been a looooooooooooooooooooooong time since I have updated this blog with something, anything. It seems that I have nothing much to say in the past few months. Apparently..

Therefore I am here to give an update on my situation now.

Alhamdulillah, many thanks to Allah S.W.T. because He had given me the chance to pursue my studies in the land of my dreams, the UK, in my furious attempt to realise my dream to be a teacher. I really can't express how much I am thankful for this one in a lifetime opportunity therefore it really do reflects in my du'a.

Currently, I have missed a week of class, therefore, there is a lot to catch up, and my head is starting to fill with a lot of information in which I still don't know where to start. Still am trying to calm myself down, so that I can digest all the information properly.

Well, basically that is all that I can say about my education, as I will officially start my class tomorrow, 2.00 p.m. local time. As for the city of Bristol, very calming. It is not as hectic as the big city but there is still some attraction ready to be explored by me. I will try to find the time to explore all of Bristol's attraction and will be posting a lot of pictures regarding that - In sha Allah...

Temperature. Cold but bearable. I can go out without the thick jacket for the autumn as it is still not the bone-chilling cold air outside. However, it still need a little moment of adapting to the surrounding of not seeing a lot of Malaysian people walking about. Haha.

Will be posting more whenever I have the time.

Fatin Nizam

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